How to Choose the Best Watch For Him

One of the best material gifts you can give to a man is a watch. As a watch lover myself, I can guarantee this analogy: shoes are to women as watches are to men. Just ask him. He may be your boyfriend or husband or son or brother, it is all the same: mens watch.

Choosing the right watch for him involves considering many factors. They include his lifestyle, your budget and “other purpose” (more on that later). Most watches are either dressy or sporty. If he is into a lot of sports, or is a professional athlete, then, buy him a sports watch. Does he attend a lot of formal meeting? Then choose a dress watch for him. However, there are a few watches that can be both sporty and dressy, which is a safe bet.

Your budget also comes in to consideration, obviously. If you’ve got money to spend, then by all means, there are watches that can go over a few thousand bucks. For those in a limited budget, there are watches that are in the $300-700$ mark and still of good quality. Just steer away from counterfeits (aka pirated versions). They are sure cheap, but the dismay they will give is sure not worth your savings.

The other purpose is a wildcard. Does he like a fashionable watch? Does he like digital watches? Does he care for accuracy? Does he prefer a particular brand? All of these come into play. Ask him. Or if you rather not, look at his collection of watches, or if he has none, ask his buddies.

The watch you want to give him should always reflect his personality. Like compliments, always tailor gifts to the receiver.

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